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12 Things to Do in Spring in Ireland: March, April, & May Activities

spring in ireland cliffs of moher

While summer in Ireland gets all the glory, planning a trip during spring in Ireland is actually a great idea. Not only are there fewer tourists around, but you’ll also save money on accommodations during this time of year. True, you may still encounter some rainy days, but with a mix of both indoor and […]

Ireland in February: Winter Activities, Events, & How to Enjoy It

ireland in february

As the various parts of the year go by, Ireland feels fairly quiet and slow in February. The country and the hemisphere are in the grips of winter, so people are forgiven for taking it easy indoors and staying warm. Most people think of visiting a destination when it’s summer and the sun is out. […]

What to Pack for Ireland in Winter: 10 Essentials to Keep Warm

Ireland Winter

You may not think of winter as the ideal time to visit Ireland, but there are actually plenty of benefits. You’ll have fewer people to deal with anywhere you go, from tourist attractions to restaurants. That means no waits, and you may be able to see more in a day than you would in summer. […]

17 Magical Reasons to Visit Ireland in the Winter

Ireland In Winter

When you think of visiting Ireland, you likely think of warm, sunny days during the summer while you wander around the country. Don’t discount the winter as a time to visit, however – there are plenty of things to do in Ireland in the winter. In fact, there are many advantages to visiting the island […]

12 Fun Things to Do in Dublin in the Winter

Dublin In Winter

When it comes to when people want to visit Ireland, summer gets all the glory, but it’s a great country year-round if you don’t mind a bit of rain. In fact, I think the off-seasons can be even better because you won’t be dealing with crowds of tourists and may have a chance to mingle […]