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13 Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Ireland You’ll Want to Visit

game of thrones filming locations in ireland

Game of Thrones is perhaps one of the most loved series of all time and millions were hooked on the TV show, eagerly anticipating each new episode. The award-winning TV series won hordes of fans both domestically and internationally. Did you know that Ireland hosted much of this filming, and there are many Game of […]

41 Fun Facts About Dublin That You’ll Want to Share

Dublin Temple Street Bar

Dublin is a fun city to visit with plenty of attractions, restaurants, pubs, and stores to visit. However, how much do you actually know about the city? There are plenty of fun facts about Dublin that will make your next visit even more special, or you can just share them next time you’re at the […]

Best Pubs in Galway, Ireland That You’ll Want to Visit

Best Pubs In Galway

Galway is a popular stop on an Ireland road trip thanks to its gorgeous seaside views and abundance of quirky pubs and bars. When you’re not exploring the shoreline or watching the boats go by, pop into one of the best pubs in Galway. The coastal town is filled with great places to grab a cold […]

The Best Cities to Visit in Ireland That You Won’t Want to Miss

Best Cities To Visit In Ireland

When you’re planning a trip to Ireland, especially for the first time, you’ll likely want to know where you should visit. There are so many small, charming towns that it’s impossible to pick them all, which is why I’m focusing on the best cities to visit in Ireland to help you decide. While you would […]

Where to Stay in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Any Budget

Where To Stay In Belfast

Belfast is a fascinating city that’s worth spending some time in during your trip to Ireland. To make the most of your trip, you’ll want to know where to stay in Belfast to maximize your time there. While it is a walkable city, it can be helpful to know what areas have what attractions so […]

11 Best Pubs in Dublin to Stop at for a Pint

Dublin Street Ireland

When the majority of people plan a trip to Ireland, they spend at least a few days in Dublin. This is arguably the most famous city in Ireland and has plenty of attractions people want to see, so it makes sense. There are also many places to drink in the area, so you’ll likely want […]

27 Amazing Things to Do in Belfast in 2023

Belfast Feature Image

Located in Northern Ireland, Belfast is a vibrant area to spend time in, whether you’re there for a week or stopping by on an Ireland road trip. Many people know it for housing the famous Titanic Museum, but there are many other things to do in Belfast that you’ll enjoy. Every time I go on […]

Where to Stay in Dublin – 8 Neighborhoods to Choose From

streets of dublin

When people make a trip to Ireland, most of them stop at Dublin at some point during their trip. It’s a convenient place to start your vacation thanks to the large number of flights from around the world that go to the Dublin Airport. I recommend staying at least one night in the city before […]