Dublin Pass Review – Is It Worth It in 2023?

Dublin River
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People love visiting Dublin due to how many activities there are to do, but it can get a little pricey depending on what you want to do. That’s where the Dublin Pass comes in, which can save you money while allowing you to see a majority of the popular places.

This Dublin Pass review will cover everything you need to know when considering buying the pass.

In this article, we’ll talk about what exactly the Dublin Pass is, what attractions it covers, how much it is, and many more questions you likely have.

Should You Consider a Dublin Pass?

The real question you’re asking is: is Dublin worth visiting? The answer is a resounding yes. Of course, it is, and we have 41 facts about Dublin to help prove it. 

The city is known as The Pale or The Smoke, and is a UNESCO City of Literature, with many iconic landmarks and attractions to visit.

Once you secure your Dublin hotel or bed and breakfast in Dublin, you’ll want to look into getting your pass to explore the city.

What is the Dublin Pass?

Ireland Bus

In essence, the pass is a “ticket” that allows you to sightsee Dublin for one price. Instead of paying entrance fees at the various tourist attractions you visit, the Dublin pass allows you to purchase one “pass” and then enter up to 35 of Dublin’s attractions without paying again.

An added advantage is that some of the places allow fast-track entrance, avoiding the queues! The Dublin pass also has a handy hop-on, hop-off tourist transport bonus, allowing you to get around the city for free. 

The pass is available as a digital purchase, and you will receive a QR code for use through your phone or that you can print out. 

Be advised that the pass is not transferable, so it is valid for you and you alone. 

Dublin City Pass Attractions

Ireland Temple Bar

More than 35 locations and services are accessible through the Dublin Pass, including: 

  • 1-Day Dublin hop on hop off pass with Big Bus
  • Casino Model Railway Museum – Cyril Fry’s hand-crafted model trains
  • Chester Beatty Library – One of the best museums in Europe, according to Lonely Planet
  • Christ Church Cathedral – cathedral of the United Dioceses of Dublin
  • Croke Park Stadium Tour – The national stadium of Ireland
  • Dublin Castle – 13th Century castle built by King John of England
  • Dublinia – Museum focusing on Viking history
  • Dublin Zoo – One of the Oldest operating zoos in the world
  • EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum – Focusing on the Irish Diaspora
  • Farmleigh House and Estate – The official Irish State Guesthouse
  • Glasnevin Cemetery Tour & Museum – Burial site for many prominent and famous Irish personalities
  • Guinness Storehouse – Brewery tour with tastings and a bar (one of many pubs in Dublin)!
  • Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) – Modern and contemporary art collections
  • Irish Rock ‘n Roll Museum Experience – Temple Bar tour of Irish rock music history
  • James Joyce Centre – Museum and cultural center celebrating the writer
  • Jameson Distillery Bow St. Experience – The original site for the Jameson Distillery
  • Jeanie Johnston Tallship & Famine Museum – Celebration of the ship carrying men and women fleeing the great famine
  • Malahide Castle – a 12th Century castle
  • Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI) – Celebrating the rich literature of Ireland
  • National Botanic Gardens
  • National Museum of Ireland – Archeology
  • National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts & History
  • National Museum of Ireland – Natural History
  • National Wax Museum Plus – Dublin’s own wax museum with famous figures
  • Skerries Mills – Visit a working watermill and windmills
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral -national cathedral of the Church of Ireland
  • Teelings Whiskey Distillery Tour – A new distillery – the first new one in Dublin in 125 years!

It’s a pretty broad range of activities, and there should be a few things on that list for every taste or interest. As you can see, the above attractions on the Pass also give you some great ideas on where to go in Dublin.

Before heading to all the above attractions, make sure to read what to do and what not to do as an Irish tourist.

Jameson Truck

The Dublin Pass does not include public transport access — for that you should consider getting an ITS card called a Leap Card, which is similar to the top-up-and-swipe Oyster card in England. The leap card costs a minimum of €5 ($7) for the card, plus whatever you choose to load on it.

The added benefits of the tourist transport access (hop on hop off) are undeniably a bonus, though, and the airport transfer if you fly in and use the pass the same day. 

It’s worth noting that one or two attractions are slightly outside the city. In that case, you may need some careful planning to ensure you see most of them, but you can also employ the hop on hop bus service to get there. As we’ll see below, planning goes a long way to making the most of your Dublin pass. 

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How Much Does the Dublin Pass Cost?

Christ Church Cathedral

The price of a Dublin Pass can vary based on which option you choose. The pass comes in 5 variations, from one to five days. At the time of writing in April 2022, the prices are as follows: 

1 Day Pass: 

  • €70 ($78) adults
  • €37( $41) children

2 Day Pass:

  • €86 ($95)adults
  • €49 ($54) children

3 Day Pass:

  • €99 ($109)adults
  • €58 ($64) children

4 Day Pass: 

  • €109 ($120) adults
  • €64 ($71) children

5 Day Pass:

  • €115 ($127) adults
  • €67 ($74) children 

The best advice is to check the official website for price changes, as these may increase (or decrease) without notice. Also, more attractions may be added, or some removed at any time. 

How Much Can the Dublin Pass Save You?

Malahide Castle

The Dublin Pass savings depend on how effectively you plan and how much you plan to see while in Dublin. In addition, you would do well to group your activities around the type of card you have. 

For example, if the places you want to visit can fit into a schedule that includes just one day in Dublin, buy a one-day card, and block that day just for those activities. The day is charged regardless of whether you visit one or six places on the Pass list.

Under normal circumstances, it’s good to research the individual entry prices for the locations you want to visit. Once you get to four or more on your list, the one-day card starts to save you money. 

The hop on hop off bus alone would cost you €29 ($32) as an individual ticket. Add The Guinness Storehouse (€26/$29), the Irish Emigration Museum (€18/$20), and you’ve already exceeded the €70 ($77) cost of your one-day pass with three items. 

The savings would increase the more you choose to do, over more days, and as you choose to see more sites included on the Pass. 

If your stay is longer, plan accordingly — here is a three-day Dublin itinerary to help get you started.

Dublin Pass Purse Value Limitations


Be advised that the Dublin Pass has certain limits on maximum use per day. These “Purse Values” limit the total Euro value you can use per day on each pass. Once your limit is reached, the pass expires for that day:

  • 1-day All-Inclusive Pass: adult €140 ($155) / child €90 ($100)
  • 2-day All-Inclusive Pass: adult €200 ($221) / child €135 ($149)
  • 3-day All-Inclusive Pass: adult €260 ($287) / child €170 ($188)
  • 4-day All-Inclusive Pass: adult €320 ($354) / child €200 ($221)
  • 5-day All-Inclusive Pass: adult €365 ($403) / child €225 ($248)
  • 6-day All-Inclusive Pass: adult €410 ( $454) / child €250 ($277)

There is no limit to the number of attractions you can visit, provided you remain within the total value for entrance tickets. In most cases, you should be able to manage as many attractions as you can at these values, with decent time spent at each. 

From a purely tourist-friendly perspective, the Dublin Pass, like many others of its kind, can save you money and put you within touching distance of the city’s most popular attractions. The longer your stay and the more you take advantage of the access, the more you save.

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Some Attractions Require Pre-Booking, Even With the Dublin Pass

Bicycles Rental

In essence, the Pass allows the visitor a hassle-free way of accessing the city’s top historical sites, museums, visitor locations, and other tourist attractions conveniently, with just one cost-effective ticket purchase. It’s also a great way to save money with a group, such as on a family vacation to Ireland.

However, you should be aware that some attractions still require that you reserve a time or slot to visit. This is especially important in the winter in Dublin so you’re not waiting around outside trying to get into an attraction or tour.

According to the Dublin Pass information site, each of these attractions may use a different system. It is recommended you try to book at least 24 hours in advance for each of the below:

Castletown House

Email: castletown@opw.ie

Guinness Storehouse

Email info@guinnessstorehouse.com

Tel: +353 1 408 4800 – quote your 12-digit Dublin Pass number(s)

Lazy Bike Tours Half-Day Hire

Email: hello@lazybiketours.com

Walking Food Tours – Beer on Foot (three hours lead time)

Email: dublincitywalkingfoodtours@gmail.com

Whatsapp by phone: 00353 87 795 38 05

Walking Food Tours – Food on Foot (three hours lead time)

Email: bookings@walkingfoodtours.ie

Whatsapp phone: 00353 87 795 38 05

Important note: Don’t worry; simply making the reservation will not activate your pass. The pass will only be activated when you arrive, and the code is scanned.

Where Can You Buy the Dublin Pass?

Dublin Building

The Dublin Pass can be purchased online from the Dublin Pass website

Some third-party sites like Viator also offer the Dublin Pass, and the pass arrives on your phone or via email as a QR code. 

Keep the code accessible on your phone, or print it out for use at the door of your favorite attractions.

Tips to Maximize the Dublin Pass

Dublin Cathedral

As mentioned, it will benefit you to plan ahead when using a Dublin pass. 

Safety tip: Don’t forget to secure travel insurance to protect against unscheduled cancellations and delays.

PS: If you’re looking to get beyond Dublin in the Emerald Isle, check out this fun list of 50 facts about Ireland to impress some locals. If for some reason, you’re not yet in love with this beautiful country and its people, this list will win you over.

Here are a few more suggestions:

Put Aside the Day for Using Your Pass

Only activate the Pass when you know you will use it most. Don’t plan to use your pass in the afternoon or morning only. The day is charged as soon as you activate the pass, regardless of whether you only went to one attraction or six. April in Ireland is a good time, for example, because you can pick a rainy day to use all the indoor attractions on the pass.

Group Close-by Attractions

Some attractions are really close to each other, and you may not need to use the advantage of the Dublin transit pass in this case. If you visit as many of these attractions as possible in one day (some are within walking distance of one another), it will save you a lot of money. 

Use Pre-Planned Itineraries As a Starting Point

The Dublin Pass website has a few suggested itineraries and groupings for attractions. Save yourself the trouble of doing the legwork yourself and adopt one of those. 

Buy a Multi-Day for Outer-Lying Attractions

You may not be able to get to attractions outside the city center with a one-day pass. Instead, consider a multi-day pass and strategically use mornings and afternoons to combine central and outer-lying interests over several days.

If you want to explore beyond Dublin after you use your pass, you’ll love this list of day trips from Dublin you can take.

Other FAQs About the Dublin Pass

Dublin Street Art

Here are a few commonly posed questions about the Dublin Pass. 

How Long is a Dublin Pass Valid?

You can hold onto a purchased pass for two years, provided you have not yet used it to enter an attraction. Once it is activated, the appropriate time (one to five days) is applied for the pass validity.

Can the Pass Be Used for an Airport Transfer?

The Pass includes a free airport transfer, and bear in mind that this will activate the pass. 

What Ages Qualify for a Child Pass?

Children aged five to 15 can qualify for a children’s price on the Dublin Pass. 

Can I Cancel My Pass?

You can cancel the pass for a full refund within 90 days of purchase. Provided, of course, that you haven’t yet used it to access an attraction.

You should strongly consider getting a Dublin pass if you’re in the city on holiday, and it may be one of the most cost-effective ways to enjoy the sites and sounds of the Pale.

Get your Dublin Pass now!

You should now thoroughly understand what the pass is based on this Dublin Pass review so you can purchase one for your trip!

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