16 Best Irish Gifts – Top Souvenirs From Ireland to Get

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The Emerald Isle is a breathtaking destination that has a good balance of city fun and countryside tranquillity. The country has a rich heritage and culture that’s treasured by all Irish folks. One of the best ways to indulge in this history, apart from visiting, of course, is by getting a souvenir from Ireland as memorabilia.

Souvenirs are also great gifts for taking back home to people who couldn’t join you on your Ireland adventures. Additionally, they’re great if you find yourself suffering from some Irish nostalgia after spending time in the amazing country. That’s why I created this list of the best gifts from Ireland to help you choose.

Whether you get a comfortable wool throw or a cozy Aran sweater, these are the best souvenirs from Ireland.

The Best Gifts From Ireland to Buy

Here are 16 options to choose from when you’re looking for the best Irish souvenirs.

1. Aran Sweater

Where to buy: Aran Islands Knitwear, Aran Street Markets in various counties as well as on Amazon.

Aran wool sweaters are world-renowned because they look good and do a great job at keeping you warm. They were traditionally worn by Irish fishermen when at sea, and the stitching historically symbolized good luck, among other things. They are durable and will serve as a long-lasting Irish souvenir thanks to being made with 100% Merino Wool.

Purchase this chic garment on Aran Island, where it got its name from, or at several Aran Sweater Market stores. It’s also available to buy on Amazon in a variety of colors. The version found on the island is usually more expensive since it’s typically bulkier and hand-sewn.

2. Irish Kilt

kilt best souvenirs from ireland

Where to buy: You can purchase a kilt while in Ireland or buy it from Amazon.

While kilts have been historically associated with the neighboring Scots, they’re a part of Irish history. Both Scottish and Irish men wore them to showcase their pride in their Celtic roots. It’s one of the better Irish presents for anyone who has a love for Ireland and its heritage.

It’s a particularly great souvenir from Ireland if you play the Uileann pipes (Irish bagpipes). Pair it with the leprechaun hat on St. Patrick’s Day and become a walking showcase of Irish history.

3. The Book of Feckin’ Irish Slang

Irish Countryside

Where to buy: You can purchase it on Amazon.

The Irish speak English, but sometimes it just doesn’t sound like it. They tend to have a very strong accent that might leave you dazed and confused. Plus, there are some Irish slang terms that only the folks in Ireland understand.

While you can’t easily train your ears for the accent, there’s an easy way to get the hang of Ireland’s slang. Get The Book of Feckin’ Irish Slang and act the maggot to leave your friends amazed by throwing out some of these hilarious phrases. Plus, you impress Irish lads and lasses with your newly acquired vocabulary when you find yourself in the Isle again.

This is one of the more creative Irish gift ideas or souvenirs.

4. Irish Country Cookbook

irish cookbook

Where to buy: You can find it on Amazon.

One of the best parts about visiting a country is tasting their unique cuisine. The same goes for Ireland, which is home to numerous delicious traditional dishes. From seafood to stews and more, you’re sure to love indulging in some meals.

While in Ireland, you can enjoy these meals at several restaurants or on food tours like the Galway Food Tour. However, your fun doesn’t have to stop there as you can take some of your favorite Irish dishes with you. Purchase the Irish Country Cookbook to get more than 140 recipes for cooking authentic Irish cuisine.

This is a great ideas for souvenirs from Ireland for a food lover and as a souvenir that keeps Ireland forever close to your heart.

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5. Irish Alcohol

Guiness Beer

Where to buy: Irish liquor retailers as well as online.

An Ireland souvenirs list wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of Irish alcohol. Ireland’s beverages are famous across the globe; you can’t talk about drinks like whiskey, beer, and gin without an Irish brand popping up.

Buying a bottle of any of these best drinks in Ireland would be an excellent gift for anyone who loves both Ireland and booze. Go for Jameson or Connemara for whiskey, Bertha’s Revenge for gin, or Guinness for beer. You can find these Irish goodies at a local Irish pub, a liquor retailer, and online.

Plus, you can visit the Guinness Storehouse to get their merchandise or an engraved glass.

6. Irish Throw Blanket

irish wool blanket best irish gifts

Where to buy: You can find it in Irish stores or buy it on Amazon right now.

If you’re looking for a comfortable Irish gift idea, you can’t go wrong with a wool throw blanket. These are perfect to use during your Irish road trip in case you get cold or even need to take a nap as a passenger.

You can also wear this if you’re in Ireland celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and it’s a bit chilly, or you can enjoy showing it off when you get back home.

7. Claddagh Ring

Claddagh Ring

Where to buy: At an Irish jewelry store like R&C McCormack or purchase it on Amazon. You can choose between a men’s version and a women’s version.

Dating back to the 1600s, a Claddagh ring is possibly the most meaningful Irish gift you can get. Its design, featuring a heart, crown, and hands, represents love, loyalty, and friendship, respectively. It will serve as a great reminder of Ireland and as a great gift to your loved ones.

The ring has a fascinating set of rules to be followed. Among these rules is that it’s worn on the right hand unless you’re married.

If you’re single or aren’t in a serious relationship, wear the ring with the heart facing away from your body. If you’re in a committed relationship, wear the ring with the heart facing your body. And if you’re married, wear it on your left hand with the heart looking inward. Who knew Ireland souvenirs had so many rules!

8. Connemara Marble

trinity knot necklace

Where to buy: You can purchase jewelry featuring Connemara marble at many Irish jewelers. You’ll also find pieces such as the Trinity Knot necklace on Amazon.

Connemara marble, or “Irish green” is a stone found in the namesake region. It’s prized thanks to its stunning hues of a distinct green and its use in jewelry, ornaments, and more, making it one of the more beautiful souvenirs from Ireland.

Include a visit to the Connemara region on your Ireland bucket list if you want the stone in its raw form. Or purchase pendants, beads, ornaments, and more that feature the marble.

This is one of the most unique Irish gifts to give to someone because it’s only found in Ireland. 

9. Buy Ireland

Irish Land

Where to buy: Purchase it from the official Buy Ireland website.

For a distinct gift or souvenir from Ireland, buy someone (or yourself) a piece of land in The Emerald Isle. Don’t worry, it won’t set you back thousands, but unfortunately, it’s not massive enough for you to set up shop on.

For just $50, you can get yourself a small plot of Irish land in the beautiful countryside. It’s a square foot in size and is located in County Roscommon. You receive a personalized certificate of ownership, deed assurance, and photographs.

10. Irish Metal Sign of Murphy’s Law

murphys law sign best gifts from ireland

Where to buy: Purchase this Irish metal sign on Amazon right now, or find it in your nearest Carrolls Irish Gifts in Ireland.

Murphy’s Law says that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. This beautiful Irish-themed and Irish-made green and white metal sign share the law using a great aesthetic and is one of the more fun Irish souvenirs.

It’s written using a great font and features goofy and absurdly hilarious quotes and phrases like “celibacy is not hereditary.” This is undoubtedly the best Irish gift and souvenir for you or your mate if one of you is a pessimist. Even if you aren’t, it’s still a great lighthearted present if you want to draw a few laughs from people.

11. Irish Musical Instruments

Whistle Music Instruments

Where to buy: Irish music stores or on Amazon. Choose from the easy traditional whistle, bodhran drum, to the difficult Uillean pipes.

Musical instruments are usually a great souvenir or gift because you can basically give them to anyone. They lead to a ton of fun and can also uncover someone’s hidden talent. Music lovers, in particular, enjoy getting new toys to play with.

Therefore, traditional Irish musical instruments are one of the best Ireland gifts for people who love music from the island. By getting an instrument, you or your recipient can try to emulate your favorite Irish musician.

12. Irish Wall Art

irish wall art

Where to buy: Purchase wall art at Ireland’s leading retailers such as The Irish Store in Dublin. You can also purchase them online, choosing from this Ireland City Text Map and Triskele Celtic Knot.

Irish wall art serves as a great reminder of your time in Ireland, as well as a showcase of your love for the island. It also gives you or your recipient’s house an aesthetic improvement that everyone appreciates.

Has a momentous occasion happened in Ireland? Ensure you never forget where it happened with this Ireland Map 3D silhouette sign. The seller allows for personalization with a heart over whichever city you choose, and its coordinates are written on the side.

13. Ireland Landscapes Photo Book

Irish Landmark

Where to buy: Purchase it on Amazon.

The Emerald Isle boasts great landscapes, from the tranquil countryside to archaic buildings like castles and epic ruins. There are also a ton of famous Irish landmarks to visit during your time on the island. It’s common to want to visit these places and view Ireland’s scenic landscapes after seeing them for the first time.

Remedy that problem by buying a copy of the Ireland photo book for one of the best Irish gifts, which showcases the island’s beautiful landscape. Featuring 300 images taken across all of Ireland’s counties, go on a trip down memory lane by viewing some places you visited. Or get it as one of the more beautiful souvenirs from Ireland for someone who wants to see why Ireland is worth a visit.

14. Irish Tea

Tea And Teapot

Where to buy: Irish retail outlets or on Amazon. Buy some of Ireland’s best when you choose Barry’s Tea.

While tea has traditionally been associated with the English, they don’t hold a monopoly over the hot drink. The Irish are also great tea lovers as well as incredible tea makers. Traditional Irish tea is typically reddish in color and has a malty flavor.

It’s one of the best gifts from Ireland for a tea lover or if you couldn’t get enough of their amazing tea.

15. Ireland-Themed Mugs

Irish Claddagh Mug

Where to buy: Irish retailers such as Carrolls Irish Gifts. You can also get them on Amazon. Choose from options such as this shamrock mug or this hearty cup donning a Claddagh ring.

Speaking of tea, you’ll need a mug to enjoy it in. And there’s no better way to enjoy Irish tea than in an Ireland-themed cup. Get one sporting your favorite Irish county, landmark, or any of the various national symbols.

Buy it as a gift for a tea enthusiast, someone from a specific county, or a general Ireland lover. They also serve as a great souvenir that showcases your affection for the nation or as memorabilia of your time there.

16. Irish Cheese

irish cheese

Where to buy: Purchase an Irish cheese assortment online or at local Irish dairy shops.

Ireland’s dairy industry is massive thanks to Irish cows producing high-quality milk, so you’ll want to try the delicious Ireland food of cheese. Irish producers have taken advantage of this by producing some of the most delectable cheeses you’re likely to taste. There are many to choose from, including Cashel Blue, Irish Cheddar, and Dubliner.

They have a distinct Irish taste found in both mass-produced and artisan cheese. Pair them with your favorite wine or slot them into a sandwich. They are a cool Irish gift to give to someone who’s never had a taste of Irish cheese.

If you’ve got a few days in Dublin, visit Sheridans Cheesemongers to get a taste of a number of cheeses.

Leave a comment below and let me know which souvenirs from Ireland you’re most excited about!

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