Where to Stay in Dingle: 6 Best Areas & Hotels (2024)

Where to Stay in Dingle
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If you’re even thinking about the idea of heading over to the Dingle Peninsula, you’re onto something fantastic! You know that famous Wild Atlantic Way everyone keeps raving about? Yep, Dingle’s right on it, and it’s every bit as amazing as they say. From cute little guesthouses where you might just make a friend for life to those fancy spots where you can kick back like royalty, there are plenty of places where to stay in Dingle.

On my last trip to the area, I didn’t research much about it when I was planning my two-week Ireland trip, but I ended up falling in love with it. The views, the food, and the people all quickly stole my heart. If you’re there, definitely take a lazy cliff-side walk, spot some dolphins swimming in the ocean, and munch on some local grub – you’ll love their fresh seafood options.

I know picking a place to crash can be a bit of a headache. Been there, done that, which is why I wrote this article to help you out. I’ll share some top spots to stay in Dingle, so you can spend less time scrolling and more time soaking in all that Dingle goodness.

Tips on Deciding Where to Stay in Dingle

Dingle Ireland Town Waterfront

Dingle is a tiny town, but it’s full of bohemian charm. There are many sites to see inside and on the outskirts of town, and plenty of fun events throughout the year. When planning your stay in Dingle, here are a few things to consider:

  • Don’t limit yourself to the town. There are small villages and neighborhoods within 20 minutes of Dingle that have gorgeous accommodations and are close enough to feel like you’re in Dingle itself. That said, the closer you are to the town center, the easier it will be to reach the best attractions.
  • Plan your transportation. The Dingle Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. So if you’re visiting Dingle, I suggest you take a tour or drive along the peninsula during your stay. While there are excellent public transport options from major cities to Dingle and the town is walkable, so renting a car for your visit may benefit you. (read my guide on driving in Ireland)
  • Book in advance. As small as Dingle is, it is still a popular town. So I recommend booking your accommodations in advance, especially if you’re traveling during the high season.

Note: If you’re not comfortable driving yourself, use my guide on how to get around Ireland without a car to ensure you still get the most out of your trip.

6 of Dingle’s Best Neighborhoods 

Town Buildings Dingle Ireland

Dingle is the largest town on the Dingle Peninsula and one of Ireland’s most scenic drives on the edge of Kerry County. Dingle’s size is relative since the other towns are more like tiny villages; it’s not very big at all. This is one of the best places to stay in Dingle if you want a little bit of nightlife and to be near stores.

Since Dingle is so small, there aren’t many separate neighborhoods in town, and none are too far away from each other. However, you will find more than enough hotel options within the town. There is also an extensive list of things to do in Dingle.

Here’s a breakdown of the areas in Dingle and a couple just outside the town lines:

1. Dingle Center

Right in the heart of Dingle is a rectangular area known as the center. Here you’ll find some of the best spots to sit down and enjoy a drink or bite to eat.

There are tiny gems to uncover within the streets, and the rest of Dingle is a quick walk from the center. The closest area is Farranakilla, which then leads to The Woods and the harbor.

Pros of Staying in Dingle Center

  • The area comprises charming narrow streets with colorful buildings housing boutique stores and eateries.
  • You’ll be within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and a few attractions in town.

Cons of Staying in Dingle Center

  • Accommodation in the town center is much more expensive than in other areas.
  • Parking is not always available or free, and the roads are narrow.

Things to Do in Dingle Center

  • Ádh Dánlann Gallery. This music shop is connected to a craft workshop where skilled craftsmen make violins. You can also find wooden bowls, boxes, pepper grinders, clocks, musical books, and accessories.
  • Bean in Dingle. Did you know Dingle has its own roastery? This coffee bar is where you can find a hot cup of that very coffee.

Where to Stay in Dingle Center

  • Base Dingle: Stylish, clean, and modern, Base Dingle has free WiFi and convenient family rooms. The hotel is relatively simple but comfy, and it is within walking distance of the harbor. Rates start at $218 per night.
  • The Cloisters: The Cloisters is in a stunning location, and most guests love the coffee shop right across the street. The rooms are well-equipped with coffee facilities and a fridge. Rates start at $128 per night.

2. The Wood

This area makes up Dingle’s waterfront district, making it ideal for those wanting to wake up to the sound of seagulls and have dinner overlooking the water. This is also a great area to stay for boat tours.

Staying here allows you the opportunity to stroll down the waterfront area, listen to local buskers, and take in all the sights, sounds, and smells.

Pros of Staying in The Wood

  • Tons of pubs and restaurants to visit, with live music and delicious Irish food to indulge in.
  • Gorgeous views of the Dingle harbor, along with boats to rent and fishing trips available.

Cons of Staying in The Wood

  • There is little parking within the area, and the available parking gets full quickly.
  • A busier part of the small town, so the pubs may get crowded here, and accommodations can book up quickly.

Things to Do in The Wood

  • Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium. Located near the harbor, the aquarium showcases various native species, including fish, crustaceans, sea turtles, and sharks. Interactive touch pools, feeding demonstrations, and educational talks provide an immersive and educational experience.
  • Hop on a boat tour. Boat tours in Dingle offer a unique opportunity to explore the stunning coastline, observe wildlife, and learn about the area’s history and natural wonders. Fishing enthusiasts can also find boat tours that let them try their hand at angling, whether deep-sea or inshore fishing. Book your tour in advance.

Where to Stay in The Wood

  • Dingle Harbour Lodge: This hotel offers free parking (a plus for the area), a convenient location, and a full Irish breakfast at a small extra fee. Besides the magnificent views from the lodge, the warm and friendly staff is one of the best parts of staying here. Rates start at $171 per night.
  • The Waterfront Dingle: Beautiful and inviting, this sustainable 4-star BnB also has stunning harbor views. The staff pays special attention to each guest, and you’ll be just 5 minutes from town. Rates start at $151 per night.

Make sure to book your car rental in advance! I love using Discover Cars when I travel.

3. Farrankilla

Farrankilla is an area bordering The Wood. It’s still quite a bustling area, home to some significant cultural and artistic landmarks in Dingle.

Dingle had a resident bottlenose dolphin named Fungie who used to live in the waters around Dingle. Locals and visitors would take boats out just to see Fungie, but sadly, in 2020, the dolphin disappeared, and no one is sure where he went. There’s now a statue in Fungie’s honor located in Farrankilla.

However, you can still take a dolphin tour to see others in the area.

Pros of Staying in Farrankilla

  • There are plenty of pubs and restaurants to discover here, from truly Irish pubs like O’Flaherty’s Bar to coffee shops like Bean in Dingle.
  • Still within the harbor area, offering access to boat trips and romantic waterfront strolls.

Cons of Staying in Farrankilla

  • It’s slightly removed from the busier waterfront, although it’s still a short walk away.

Things to Do in Farrankilla

  • See the Fungie statue. Fungie was estimated to be 41 years old when he disappeared, so it’s believed he died. His statue is now found outside the Tourist and Information Office in Dingle.
  • Visit An Disear. The Díseart is housed in a beautiful building that was formerly a convent and school. It was founded in 1996 as a place dedicated to preserving and promoting the unique language, history, and traditions of the Dingle Peninsula.

Where to Stay in Farrankilla

  • Dingle Bay Hotel: Colorful and quirky, this hotel sits on a busy road full of shops and businesses. The hotel has comfy rooms with harbor views and an Irish bar below. Rates start at $206 per night.
  • The Quayside B&B: Built within an 1855 stone building, this B&B has only six rooms. It’s still a fantastic accommodation option, boasting a convenient location, harbor views, and delicious breakfasts. Rates start at $120 per night.

Need itinerary ideas? Here’s how to plan a 10-day Irish road trip.

4. Farran

Next on our journey of finding where to stay in Dingle is Farran, which is east of the town center. This is a more residential area, with wide open spaces between neat townhouses. While the area doesn’t offer much in terms of things to do in Ireland, it does have fantastic accommodation options.

Pros of Staying in Farran

  • There are plenty of accommodations to choose from, and they vary in price, so they will suit almost all budgets.
  • This is a quieter neighborhood with lots of outdoor gym areas.

Cons of Staying in Farran

  • Being removed from the excitement and activity, this area might seem too quiet for some.

Things to Do in Farran

  • Drive out to visit Dingle Lighthouse. Unfortunately, this is a working lighthouse, so it’s not open to the public, but you can see the outside and enjoy the dramatic views over the cliffs.
  • Take a hike in the countryside. The roads out here are stunning, and you can wind your way along hills overlooking the bay. If you’re up for it, take a ±30-minute walk to see the Ballintaggart Ogham Stones.

Where to Stay in Farran

  • O Neills Bed and Breakfast: This homely 3-star bed and breakfast has a shared lounge area and garden views from the bedrooms. There is great parking outside the BnB, and the breakfast keeps guests coming back. Rates start at $136 per night.
  • Seaview Heights: As its name suggests, this hotel offers brilliant sea views. The modern rooms are bright and spacious, and the staff is ready to take care of you. Rates start at $124 per night.

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5. Commons of Milltown

The Commons of Milltown offers a peaceful setting with rolling green fields, traditional farmsteads, and scenic views of the surrounding hills. The area provides amazing opportunities for hiking, cycling, and nature walks.

Milltown has gorgeous accommodations, many overlooking the bay or the surrounding countryside, so you’ll love your options of where to stay in Dingle. 

Pros of Staying in Commons of Milltown

  • Its proximity to Dingle Town allows easy access to a wider range of facilities, including restaurants, shops, pubs, and tourist attractions.
  • A quieter space to escape to and enjoy some of Ireland’s famed natural beauty. 

Cons of Staying in Commons of Milltown

  • The remote rural setting can be peaceful and inviting for some, but it can also seem a bit isolated.
  • As a rural area, the Commons of Milltown has limited amenities and services, although these can be found in Dingle.

Things to Do in Commons of Milltown

  • Visit Dingle Distillery. A group of local business owners with a passion for distilling and a desire to revive the traditional craft of whiskey-making in the Dingle area founded Dingle Distillery in 2012. Their whiskeys, gin, and vodka have received numerous awards and accolades.
  • Explore Kingdom Falconry. The falconry center offers educational programs for individuals, families, and groups, where you can learn about the biology, behavior, and conservation efforts related to birds of prey.

Where to Stay in Commons of Milltown

  • Milltown House Guesthouse: This picturesque guesthouse has spacious rooms with seating areas, manicured gardens, and room service. It is also only a 10-minute walk into Dingle Center. Rates start at $174 per night.
  • Cill Bhreac House B&B: A modern and comfortable space, you’ll enjoy delectable breakfasts and orthopedic beds. One of the biggest draws is the cozy reading room with its private balcony. Rates start at $164 per night.

6. Dunquin

dunquin pier

Dunquin is a short drive outside Dingle Town but still on the Dingle Peninsula and a scenic spot when looking for where to stay in Dingle. Known as Dún Chaoin in Irish, this scenic village offers rugged landscapes and a gateway into Irish culture and is home to the famous Dunquin Pier.

The small village is also home to several traditional pubs, where you can enjoy a hearty meal and watch live Irish music when looking for where to stay near Dingle.

Pros of Staying in Dunquin

  • The village is only a 21-minute drive from Dingle Center, along the gorgeous Slea Drive road.
  • It’s stunning scenery from the village, over cliffs and rough wilderness, great for hiking and soaking in the outdoors.

Cons of Staying in Dunquin

  • Not entirely inside Dingle Town, so to get to activities, you would need to travel.
  • It’s a tiny village, so you’ll find much fewer accommodation and activity options.

Things to Do in Dunquin

  • Take a trip to Great Blasket Island. Explore walking trails, observe seabirds and marine life, and experience the island’s tranquility.
  • Laze on Coumeenoole Beach. This beautiful sandy beach framed by dramatic cliffs is a fantastic spot for a leisurely walk, picnic, or simply taking in the stunning coastal scenery.

Where to Stay in Dunquin

  • Gleann Loic Farmhouse: A traditional Irish farmhouse turned guest house, this spot is the coziest in Dunquin. The private rooms have modern amenities, and some have fantastic mountain views. Rates start at $76 per night.
  • Dunquin House Bed and Breakfast: This cute blue bed and breakfast is great for traveling with the family; they have rooms big enough to fit the whole group. It’s close enough to town for easy access and serves a spectacular breakfast each morning. Rates start at $158 per night.

Now that you know where to stay in Dingle, it’s time to start planning the rest of your trip!

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