Ireland in June: Weather, Packing Tips, and Must-See Attractions

Ireland in June
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As someone who’s had the privilege of traveling to Ireland multiple times, I can confidently say it’s one of the most magical places on earth. From the rolling hills of the countryside to the bustling streets of the cities, there’s always something new to discover and experience. And if you’re planning a trip to the Emerald Isle, there’s no better time to visit than Ireland in June.

June is the month when Ireland truly comes alive, as there may be occasional rain showers, but overall the weather is starting to get warmer and drier. This still isn’t peak tourist season yet, so you’re likely lucky enough to visit most restaurants and attractions without waiting during June in Ireland. Hotels still tend to be decently affordable during this time of year, so there are many advantages of visiting then.

Speaking of events and festivals, there are plenty of things to do in Ireland in June. Between a classic car show in Belfast to live music in Cork, you’ll love all the activities during this time of year. This article will help you pack the right things and plan your itinerary for visiting Ireland in June.

Weather in June in Ireland

Summer in Ireland is delightful, and it goes without saying. It is also rainy, but that’s Ireland for you, no matter what time of the year. Thankfully, temperatures are generally warmer than in other seasons, hovering between 16 and 19°C (61-66°F)

The rain, though regular, isn’t typically long-lasting. On most days, you will experience at least a small cloudburst, after which the rest of the day may be partially cloudy or even sunny for a while. Certain parts of the Island also get quite windy, but in summer, you can manage that mostly. It still makes for a great time of year to go on a road trip around Northern Ireland.

What to Wear in Ireland in June

If there’s one addition when wondering what to pack for Ireland in June that will not apply when visiting Ireland in March, it’s a swimsuit. You’ll still need to be brave enough to put it to use unless you attend a heated hotel pool. 

On the other hand, you might be the kind that enjoys a refreshing dip in the Irish Sea. Here’s a safe list of things to pack for a June visit to Ireland. Bear in mind that it may be summer, but it’s no guarantee of heat — at least not all the time. 

First, it’s summer, so expect a few fun sunny days:

Now think about layers for colder days and evenings: 

Read here if you are looking for a more comprehensive Ireland packing list.

Events to Attend in Ireland in June

With the summer comes lots of outdoor activities. The major centers have a full program of live music concerts and touring artist shows. Dublin happens to be a regular stop on the European and global tours of most major artists (it doesn’t hurt there are many amazing pubs in Dublin), so you’ll have no trouble seeing music here.

This is also an ideal time to check out those hikes near Dublin with the weather improving.

But what about the regular Irish festivals and events you can plan for in June? Here’s a rundown of some of the highlights. 

Dublin in June

The capital city is simply abuzz with activity in June in Dublin in the form of festivals and a cheery atmosphere. It’s no surprise then that this is when accommodation and other entertainment prices are at a premium. Thankfully, the variety of things to do is well worth it. 

It would be impossible to mention every single concert, event, or attraction here, but here are just a few major highlights hosted by the city. Make sure to book your Dublin bed and breakfast in advance when going to Ireland in June.

Dublin Pride 2023

Dublin Pride
Image via Flickr: Daniel Dudek

If parades are your thing (we know everyone loves the famous St. Patrick’s Day parade), few are more fun than PRIDE, a celebration of the LGBT community that takes place over several days in June. Of course, it all ends with a huge street parade and party.

Before that, though, There are exhibitions, concerts, talks, and film fests. Public events also include the popular Pride Run and Picnic in the Park for those who are less athletic. Both the latter are held at Phoenix Park. 

19-24 June 2023 in Dublin

The Irish Derby 2023

Irish Derby

Derby Day is usually on a Sunday, and the calendar has conspired to make it fall on July 2nd this year (one of the most popular things to do in Ireland in July). But the Irish derby events schedule is an entire weekend of activity, which starts on June 30th

For those not in the know, this is a huge special race meeting on the Irish calendar, drawing fans and horses from all over the country. Races take place the entire weekend, culminating in the big one: The Irish Derby.

There are a few traditions you’ll need to observe. Ladies require hats, everyone needs to dress to the nines, and you’ll need to bring your checkbook.  

30 June – 02 July 2023 at Curragh Racecourse

Taste of Dublin

Taste of Dublin
Image via Flickr: Giuseppe Milo

The city has become a food tourists’ dream, as several local restaurants and food specialists haven. Iveagh Gardens is transformed into a festival of culinary delights, providing a wonderful summer event for all ages. 

The city’s Michelin-star restaurants are in attendance, offering samples of their finest wares. Visitors can also sample specialist wines and chocolates. Alternatively, participate in a masterclass hosted by a renowned chef.

15-18 June 2023 at Iveagh Gardens and various locations

Craving more adventure? There are plenty of fun day trips from Dublin to go on.

Belfast in June

The city of Belfast is known for its commemoration of Irish history. But it also comes alive in the summer, offering a vast cultural scene that encompasses the modern and the classic. AVA and classical mini gala performance are two of the city’s biggest festivals. There’s also a car show for something a little more adrenalin-based.

AVA Festival 2023 

electronic music

AVA is a festival that “amplifies and develops electronic music, visual art, and immersive technology.” It invites innovators and industry leaders in these fields and offers a massive celebration of all these fields and more. 

Participate in masterclasses, meet famous DJs, producers, and filmmakers, or just enjoy the party! Anyone with an interest in electronic and digital arts will want to be here. In 2022, Mixmag rated AVA as the finest festival of its kind. That’s worth checking out.

02 Jun 2023 at Titanic Slipways

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons by Candlelight


One of the most beloved baroque works of all time, Antonia Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, gets a candlelight treatment this year at St. Anne’s. The London Concertante orchestra provides the performance and will include a few other pieces to round out the evening as well. 

Guests can look forward to hearing: Mozart – Divertimento in D, Pachelbel – Canon in D; Bach – Violin Concerto in A minor; and, of course, the aforementioned main item, Vivaldi – The Four Seasons. 

09 June 2023 at St Anne’s Cathedral

Stormont Classic Car Show 2023 

Classic Car

Classic car shows are truly unmissable for petrolheads and car collectors. They’re a place where fans spend hours looking at lovingly restored (or preserved) models of vehicles that have long since seen the end of their production days. 

Several participants are private owners. In this case, the entire show is run by the Dollingstown Classic Car Club. Best of all, proceedings from all ticket sales are donated to various cancer charities. What better way to spend a day than looking at beautiful machines to aid a good cause? This is a great thing to do in Belfast with kids, as they’ll love walking around all the stunning vehicles.

10 June 2023 at Stormont Estate

Make sure to book your Belfast hotel a few months in advance when visiting Ireland in June.

Cork in June

Cork is the second-largest city in the Republic of Ireland, and it’s one that I think is overlooked too often.

Fun fact: Cork residents refer to themselves as “the Rebels” as a friendly jibe at the rest of Ireland, jokingly referring to Cork as “the real capital.” 

Not surprisingly, Cork offers its own June events and attractions. They are varied and well worth considering. 

Live at the Marquee 2023


Running from the end of May through June 23rd, this is a series of music concerts that, in effect, becomes a one-month festival. It features a major act every night. 2023 sees artists like Rod Stewart, Christy Moore, and Mimi Webb scheduled, amongst others. 

The unique selling point is that the venue is a huge marquee erected in the Docklands, resembling an old circus top of sorts. Share a truly unique tent experience with 4,000 people, watching some truly magical, intimate performances. 

27 May – 23 June 2023 at Docklands

Cork Midsummer Festival 2023

Blackrock Castle
Image via Flickr: William Murphy

Venues like Blackrock Castle and Elizabeth Fort share the events over the 16 days of this superb cultural festival. Music, dance, theater, workshops, talks, and more form part of the festivities. 

There are also lots of free public events, some outdoors, with an eye to simply sharing ideas, watching performances, and having a great time. This is truly a great opportunity to see many street art and performances. If ever there was a reason to venture down south for some fun, the Cork Midsummer Festival is it.

14-25 June at various venues

West Cork Chamber Music Festival 2023

West Cork Chamber Music Festival

Almost all available venues in Cork are occupied by chamber music performers and audiences at this time. Irish and international players contribute to what is recognized as one of the major chamber music festivals in all of Europe.

Concerts take place every day in major venues like the Bantry House library and on the festival fringe, much of which can be accessed for free. 

In addition to all the wonderful music performed, workshops like instrument and bow making can be attended. There are also special performances of young composer competition entries, which has become immensely interesting for those wishing to spot the new and upcoming names in composition.

23 June – 02 July at Bantry House and various venues

Derry in June

Londonderry, or Derry for short, has a unique aspect that makes it distinct from any other city in Ireland. It is completely walled, the last of its kind. Its proximity to the Giant’s Causeway and other tourist attractions make it a superb option for a Northern Ireland stayover.

Danny Boy Jazz And Blues Festival 2023

Danny Boy Jazz And Blues Festival

Limavady near Derry offers jazz and blues fans the opportunity to see the countryside and have a great musical excursion at the same time. It’s been a regular event here since 1997, aside from top-quality music performed by a broad range of artists.

Aside from the music, visitors can check out the art exhibitions, talks, and workshops running throughout the town at various venues. 

Dates TBC, in Limavady

Limerick in June

Limerick, lying on the Shannon River, is Ireland’s third-largest city. It is the home of Irish Coffee and the westernmost castle in all of Europe. Limerick, as the name suggests, loves its whimsy and music. Traditional music is strong here, as is the opportunity for concerts in the summertime.

The Big Limerick Seisiún -Traditional Irish Music & Dancing

It’s not an event per se but an ongoing attraction in the town that feels more like a rite of passage. If you’re visiting Limerick, you are almost obligated to stop at the Locke Bar to attend a Seisiún, a traditional music session that involves a pint or two and some dancing.

The live traditional Irish dancers add a taste of authenticity to a legacy that can be seen worldwide, wherever a good Irish pub exists (and thus where the best Irish drinks exist). The party kicks off at nine every night. 

Daily at The Locke Bar

Limerick Sings International Choral Festival


Nearly 2,000 singers attended the 2022 edition of this awesome non-competitive celebration of all things choral. Over its existence, more than 70 choirs worldwide have delivered outstanding performances at venues like Redemptorist Church in Limerick and Holy Trinity Abbey Church in Adare.

Aside from the main performances at the key venues, a special performance is scheduled outdoors at the Cliffs of Moher. Along the way, visitors can also enjoy a BBQ event and workshop.

09 June – 11 June at University Concert Hall Limerick

Here are some of the best places to stay in Limerick for your trip.

Limerick Garden Festival 2023


Plant lovers can indulge in a wonderful day of greenery and food. Come learn the top tips from Ireland’s expert gardeners, and perhaps pick up a few items for your gardening project. 

There are talks and workshops as well as demonstrations. Add to that a food fair and entertainment for young and old. There’s even a photographic exhibition and an exciting raffle — what will you win? 

18 June 2023 at Limerick Milk Market

Galway in June

Beyond the famous Eyre square in the city center, there is a summer vibe in Galway that is hard to top. Galway, in fairness, is almost universally regarded as a happy town where the general mood is typically light and joyful.

Not surprisingly, many of its major events are related to the ocean, as Galway sits on the western coast, facing the mighty Atlantic Ocean. There are many charming Galway bed and breakfasts to check out when you stay overnight there.

SeaFest 2023

Galway Harbour
Image via Flickr: deek ay

If you’re looking for a fascinating learning day out, try the maritime heritage celebration called Seafest, set in the Galway Harbour precinct. Here, the doors of boats and ships are thrown open to the public to tour with guides. 

There are many displays around the history of oceanic travel, sea life, and science. This is a great option for families with kids, as the educational value of such a festival cannot be understated. When the knowledge overwhelms you, take a break at the seafood fair. 

30 June – 02 July 2023 at Galway Harbour, Galway

There are plenty of things to do in Ireland in June, so it’s time to start planning your future trip!

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